Pokie Machine Hacks in Australia: Unveiling the Illicit Techniques

Pokie machines, also known as slot machines, have become immensely popular in Australia. These machines are found in various venues such as pubs, clubs, and casinos, attracting millions of players each year. While pokie machines are primarily designed for entertainment purposes, some individuals have attempted to manipulate them to increase their chances of winning. In this article, we will explore some of the pokie machine hacks that have been attempted in Australia.

The Legality of Pokie Machine Hacks

Before delving into the hacks themselves, it is important to highlight that attempting to hack or manipulate pokie machines is illegal in Australia. The use of any unauthorized devices or software to interfere with the outcome of a pokie machine is strictly prohibited and can result in severe penalties, including fines and imprisonment. It is essential to always play within the boundaries of the law and enjoy pokie machines responsibly.

1. Shaved Coins

One of the earliest pokie machine hacks involved using shaved coins. Players would file down the edges of a coin to make it slightly smaller, allowing them to insert it into the machine multiple times. By using this technique, players could trick the machine into registering multiple credits for a single coin. However, advancements in pokie machine technology have made this hack virtually impossible to execute successfully.

2. Fake Coins

Similar to shaved coins, fake coins were another attempt to manipulate pokie machines. Players would create counterfeit coins that closely resembled the genuine ones used in the machines. These fake coins were often made of cheaper materials, such as plastic or brass, and had the same size and weight as real coins. However, as pokie machines have become more sophisticated, they are now equipped with advanced sensors that can easily detect counterfeit coins, rendering this hack ineffective.

3. Light Wand

The light wand was a device used to blind the optical sensors of older pokie machines. This device consisted of a small flashlight attached to a wire. By inserting the wire into the machine’s coin chute, players could disrupt the sensor’s ability to count the coins being inserted. This hack allowed players to trick the machine into registering credits without actually depositing any money. However, casinos and gaming authorities quickly caught on to this technique and implemented measures to prevent its success.

4. Software Exploits

With the advancement of technology, some individuals have attempted to exploit software vulnerabilities in pokie machines. These hacks involve manipulating the software or firmware of the machines to alter the outcome in favor of the player. However, pokie machine manufacturers have invested significant resources in developing secure software to prevent such exploits. Additionally, casinos regularly update their machines’ software to patch any vulnerabilities, making it extremely challenging for hackers to succeed in this manner.


While there have been various attempts to hack pokie machines in Australia, it is essential to remember that these activities are illegal and can lead to severe consequences. Pokie machines are designed to provide entertainment, and any attempts to manipulate them undermine the integrity of the game. It is always advisable to play responsibly and within the confines of the law. Remember, the thrill of playing pokie machines lies in the unpredictability of the outcome, and attempting to hack them takes away from the genuine excitement and enjoyment they offer.

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